Want to improve your viola or violin playing? Or start guitar lessons?

Are you a violin teacher who wants to play viola? Or are you an orchestra teacher who majored in a different instrument thinking about gaining some string player skills?

Students should be at any level beyond the beginning stages on viola and violin, (aged eight and up with parental permission;  teachers with expertise on another instrument are welcome as beginners). Lessons take place through video conference or in person in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.

Traditional classical studies are used: scales, etudes and pieces, as well as the repertoire of music created by female composers. Bonny’s own violin teacher-grandfathers were David Oistrakh and Ivan Galamian, who taught her teachers Peter Kaman and Dana Pomerantz-Mazurkevitch. Bonny has had instruction from Eugene Fodor, Roman Totenberg, Clayton Hoener and Guo Guo Guang.

Beginning guitar lessons with optional singing are also offered in person and by video conference.

Take lessons with Bonny and gain confidence, poise and precision in your playing. Please send a note to bb (at) superstringsstudio.com stating your interest and leaving your email address or call the studio at +86 186 2508 9162 (please note that my time zone is GMT+8) to find out more. The studio information will be sent upon learning of your interest. You may view lesson time openings by clicking here on SCHEDULE, and then in your note request your preferred time. The lesson times offered are in GMT +8 time zone, the same as Hong Kong.


  • Jessie

parent of a violin student

“I wanted to let you know that you seem to be the perfect fit for Katja. It’s amazing how patient you are with her and you’re so good at making her comfortable. I’m already seeing a difference in her confidence. She’s not as afraid of making mistakes. Thank you!”

  • Tom

former student

“Dear Mrs. Bonny, I would like to thank you for teaching me violin this year. I learned a lot.”

  • Travis

former student

“Amazing Bonny! Thank you so much! And I also want to take a moment to extend my serious gratitude for your time in teaching me these last few months. This means the world to me. I used to have to memorize where to put my fingers when it came to chords but now I am starting to have a real understanding for the guitar. I have a lot of work ahead of me when it comes to singing/playing, but you’ve given me a stronger grasp of how to play than I ever thought I would have, again, this means the world to me.”

  • Darcie O’Shea

    Ex-military/veteran, teaching wonder/multi-tasking-organized-team-supporter who makes her own momentum

    I’ve had the extreme pleasure of working next to Bonny for the past five years. During this time, I have seen her open students’ worlds through music by being patient, precise, and remarkably positive. Teaching comes as naturally to her as playing music. She has an innate ability for inspiring and motivating her students to stretch their imaginations (and their fingers) into the rhythms and melody of music. They are lucky to have her, and I’ve been fortunate to have worked beside her.
  • Ian Edlund

Owner, String Instrument Specialists in Olympia, WA

Bonny is a talented and competent musician and an experienced teacher in a variety of situations. She is intelligent, fearless, and sensitive to others. I have great faith in her ability to handle any teaching situation. She is a very valuable music educator.

  • Bob Culver

Professor at The University of Michigan

I am pleased to write for Ms. Bonny Buckley as an administrator of the Livingston American School of Shanghai. I have known Bonny five years and am very aware of her work as a teacher of stringed instruments in Washington State. She is an accomplished violist, has many insights into educational process for developing strong performance skills, discipline and sense of purpose plus language skills unique among her peers. It seems to be a remarkable fit for your school.
Robert Culver
Professor Emeritus
The School of Music, Theater and Dance
The University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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