⇑⇑⇑ Here’s a cheat sheet on  practicing and how to do it better

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Anyone need some help motivating your child to practice?! Steph over on the-violin dot com has some AWESOME ideas! Here’s the link. Let me know what you try or any other things you’re doing to help your kid stay motivated!


GUITAR START 1.0 FOR MOMS AND DADS is ready for you!

If you have ever thought about learning guitar, I made this just for you, especially to be able to accompany your child learning to play violin or guitar.

This luxury beginner course is for people with no musical background, and is worth over 88€, which I’m giving away as a thank-you to the families (and anyone) who wishes to learn. It is a step-by-step course, with videos if you wish to use them, and some live events in December. Find more information about it on the GUITAR START page here on this site.

By the way, if you sign up for the course, you can get all three of the first three modules for FREE as I develop them. I expect to complete modules two and three by the end of February.

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10 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Music Practice

Getting Kids To Practice Without Tears Or Tantrums

THANK YOU so much for helping your child find a daily time to practice! You are amazing! Some researchers and teachers like Laurie Niles on and I agree that it takes 21 days in a row for something to become a habit. Will you help your child practice for 21 days in a row? After 21 days, go for 30, then 60, and if anyone can make a year of actual practice, without missing a day, they can earn a one-year certificate. Happy practicing!

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