GuitarStart for Moms & Dads is a user-friendly course for parents to learn how to play guitar. Get started right away! The cool thing is you’ll be able to play music to accompany your kid on an instrument or learn just for fun to sing songs together.

Of course, you don’t have to be a parent to get started!

A person with no experience can literally start with the first section and learn everything one needs to start playing the guitar. There are well-written, easy to understand lessons as well as BONUS videos to take you step by step into making beautiful music. 

I’m making this for the love of music, to give back more to the parents who trust my teaching to their children, and to help them make more beautiful music together at home (and perhaps get even more practicing from violin students–I’ve already gotten feedback that this is happening, yahoo)! Because I believe in the future of music and in paying it forward, as well as nurturing values such as cultural aesthetics, listening, patience and perseverance, I decided to make this. TRUE ♥ Sign up below stating your interest, and I will send you GuitarStart 1.0 for FREE. There is no catch. Just learn how, get yourself started, and I will be pleased you did it! ♥