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Here are a couple of massively cool musical resources for you. If you find anything here you can use, would you please press “like” below on the button, share this site or write a comment? ♥ I would really love to hear from you! These materials may be used by you personally, for your child or students in a private studio setting, but may not be re-published or sold without permission. All rights reserved. (By the way, there are several additional free tunes and arrangements I have made – discover them when you provide a valid email HERE)


ON PRACTICING   –  A letter to parents or people interested in the topic of practicing


2018  A monthly calendar for students to cut out and paste into their practice notebooks with nice quotes – in PDF, B&W. Allow as many blank pages following the paste as are weeks in that month.

10 Simple Coloring Pages For Little Violinists

Getting Set Up  – really useful, important considerations before you buy or rent – for parents and anyone looking to buy an instrument

Solve The Note Reading Title – for students – unlock the title by completing the note-reading puzzle, a learning activity for identifying notes


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