SuperStrings Studio connects string teachers all around the world with a mission to inspire, encourage and support string music education. Created in 2017, Bonny Buckley realized she was working to improve, uplift and make string music education both excellent and fun for everybody–students and teachers alike.

Why learn to play the violin? Or another stringed instrument? Learning an instrument is a massively great use of time which requires daily attention. But what you reap in rewards are values which truly enrich our lives, things like discipline, delayed gratification, patience, kindness, self-awareness, coordination, fun, respect, accomplishment, culture, aesthetics, musical expression and self-confidence to name a few! One of the most important benefits of becoming a competent musician is the ability to learn to listen carefully, a skill which we urgently need more of today.

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Teachers and players – I love getting to know colleagues! We are on the same team so let’s meet up! In person or on line, we can get to know each other so let’s do it. ♥ I would love to support your teaching and endeavors. If you want to network, I’m your gal! Just get in touch — let’s get the ball rolling. ♥ If you would love to give and receive support from other ladies in music, join the closed group Tune 21 on Facebook where you can find a kind, supportive and incredibly talented group of hard working colleagues.

I’ve taught orchestra, choir, band and general music classes in the USA, China and Germany and hold a professional teacher’s license from Washington State in the USA. If you would like more information about my professional background as an international teacher and performer, learn more >>here.

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Are you a student? Or are you a teacher learning a new instrument? Want company in your playing? Share a performance of what you are learning and get supportive and helpful feedback in a positive environment, from expert and professional teachers and co-learners. This is a great tool for anyone who has to audition or just wants to get better at their music. Just upload directly to the open, supportive SuperStrings Studio page on Facebook.

“I wanted to let you know that you seem to be the perfect fit for Katya. It’s amazing how patient you are with her and you’re so good at making her comfortable. I’m already seeing a difference in her confidence. She’s not as afraid of making mistakes. Thank you!” -Jessie

“Dear Mrs. Bonny, I would like to thank you for teaching me violin this year. I learned a lot.” -Tom

“Amazing Bonny! Thank you so much! And I also want to take a moment to extend my serious gratitude for your time in teaching me these last few months. This means the world to me. I used to have to memorize where to put my fingers when it came to chords but now I am starting to have a real understanding for the guitar. I have a lot of work ahead of me when it comes to singing/playing, but you’ve given me a stronger grasp of how to play than I ever thought I would have, again, this means the world to me. ” -Travis




Have a look, say something, share your learning, be bold, take a risk, make a friend.

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Photo of SuperStrings Studio students in Stuttgart at their student recital by Bernd F Blankenbach

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