SuperStrings Studio encourages and uplifts string music teachers all over the world.

We know the intrinsic value of what we provide in our work but in reality sometimes it can be ridiculously challenging, and there may even be times when we consider giving it up to do something else for a living.

On the other hand there are so many incredible people teaching, giving selflessly, working diligently and making it better for our students and for each other.

SuperStrings Studio connects the dots, supporting thriving string teachers, players and students! We have good reason to be proud of our work and our accomplishments, and the future we are creating for the next generation. Together we can go beyond our limitations, learn how to maximize our time, celebrate our milestones and achieve so much more!


Highlights of SuperStrings Studio



Royal String Teacher Association© (under construction – click on the link to learn more).

The Royal String Teacher Association© of SuperStrings Studio brings string teachers together in a private membership designed specifically for our profession. Read more and find out about how the Royal String Teacher Association© can assist you in your own teaching.

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SuperStrings Studio publishes a Museletter©, a fun digital quarterly magazine available to all. You’ll find fascinating interviews with real string teachers, learn about our hopes, dreams and hard work for our successful collective future, & you’ll also get tips and gems of wisdom to make your playing, learning and teaching more alive. Occasionally there are also candid interviews with string students which we can all learn from. Did we mention it’s FREE?! Don’t let another issue pass you by–get on the subscriber list now and reap the joy and benefits!

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tune 21

tune 21 is a closed group for inspiration, support and friendship for women in string music education, composition and performance. Stop by and feel the love!


Private and small group classes to learn violin, viola and beginning guitar. Send a note of inquiry to bb at superstringsstudio.com or use the contact form below to learn more.

Why learn to play the violin? Or another stringed instrument?

Learning an instrument is a massively great use of time which requires daily attention. But what you reap in rewards are values which truly enrich our lives, things like discipline, delayed gratification, patience, kindness, self-awareness, coordination, fun, respect, accomplishment, culture, aesthetics, musical expression and self-confidence to name a few!

One of the most important benefits of becoming a competent musician is the ability to learn to listen carefully, a skill which we urgently need more of today.

Wait a sec. That was really important.

One of the most important benefits of learning to play an instrument well is learning the ability to LISTEN well, a skill which is important to becoming HUMAN.

 >>Read more here WHY LEARN MUSIC.

SuperStrings Studio was created in 2017 by Bonny Buckley. After several years playing professionally and teaching strings in the USA, China and Germany, it dawned on her, that like both her mother and father, she was a self-employed entrepreneur. 

From that moment she decided to focus on being an advocate for string music teachers, supporting them as much as possible whilst teaching private students.

SuperStrings Studio is a member of ESTA, the European String Association in Germany and the UK.

SuperStrings Studio is a member of the String Industry Council of the American String Teachers Association.

Bonny holds a Bachelor of Music with Honors in Violin Performance from Emerson College, Diploma in Violin from the Longy School of Music and Professional Teacher License from the State of Washington in the US. She has grown string programs in the USA, China and Germany.



Have a look, say something, share your learning, be bold, take a risk, make a friend.

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Photo of SuperStrings Studio students in Stuttgart at their student recital by Bernd F Blankenbach

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